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‘War never changes but men do’‘Stand up for what is right’‘It is written in stone. They are remembered, not left on their own’‘It would be awesome if there could be something about why so many young boys felt the need to join and fight’‘All the faces and voices are no longer seen but they will be remembered’‘Those who fail to remember history are condemned to repeat it’ – George Satayana‘A memory shouldn’t be something that is forced on someone, it should be something that reminds you of your family/friend that doesn’t need approval from anyone’‘If you go to war, the tears of your loved ones, will be the ones that will pour’‘Lines, rows, entities, souls, success or in futility. Is war worth the woes?’‘Are you, are you coming with me? Honour, glory, bravery are the strangest three. Are you, are you coming with me?’‘Bombs and guns a-blazing and still your flags are raising’‘The sight of the tracers through the dark of night, whizzing overhead’‘Loved ones are hurt more than the soldiers’‘Devastation in every nation’‘War is not worth the people that die for it’‘A war doesn’t stop until the last veteran dies, no matter how long they survive’‘We will never learn from war, until more and more bodies are tore’‘Te si velike cronig’‘Do not mourn at my grave as I am not there, as I crave one kiss from your red rose lips, my love until God calls you away’‘Even when it’s silent you can hear the ringing inside of you’‘You are always in my heart, so we shall never part’‘It all goes silent when the Last Post plays. It’s respect. We will remember them’‘Going up the ranks, being shot by tanks’‘Lest we forget, remember them’‘We are the watchers’‘Memorials need to be more than just a piece of stone’

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